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Tips for a Smoother than Ever Rugby Online Streaming Experience

Want to watch rugby games live online just like millions of other fans around the world? Want better streaming quality? Fortunately, you can do just that without needing an expert’s help.

Disabling Hardware Acceleration

If you have a Flash-enabled web player in your computer and you constantly get heavily pixelated streams, try right-clicking on the stream window, then choose Settings and uncheck Enable hardware acceleration. This is not an assurance that the issue will be fixed – after all, it may be your unstable Internet connection – but hardware acceleration has been proven to cause pixelation according to most live video streaming websites.

Flushing DNS Settings

Have you encountered the mysterious Error #2032 while streaming rugby or any other live show or event? This indicates that for more than ten seconds, you have lost your connection to the streaming server, and your stream has been shut off by the provider. Usually, you can solve this problem just by flushing your DNS cache. On your Windows command prompt, type ipconfig/flushdns and this will automatically reset your DNS resolver cache. Hopefully, your streaming problem will be solved.

Changing Streaming Resolution

If you encounter a lot of hiccups while streaming, try switching to another resolution video stream but not necessarily lower though. A feed that stutters at 360p can be completely smooth at 720p. Try various settings and pick the best.

Streaming on TV

You can always watch streams at your desk, but it’s different when you’re all comfy in your living room, watching the streams on your TV. For best results, however, you’ll need the right setup and the right gear.

If you have an HDMI-equipped computer, whether laptop or desktop, you shouldn’t have a problem (some TVs support VGA too, which could be compatible with older PCs); just output your PC display to your HDTV like a second monitor. If most of your equipment is Apple, a Mac or iOS device and an Apple TV can be wirelessly setup to have the display show up on your TV, or just get an HDMI adapter to connect your device and your TV directly. If your phone is Android and it supports HDMI out, just mirror the mobile app of your selected streaming service onto the TV in that manner. Otherwise, you’ll need a wireless HDMI adapter or a Roku media player.

As a rugby fan, you probably think of live streaming as one of the best gifts technology has given you. But with countless streams on countless sites and a few full-featured standalone player apps, it can be a challenge to stay on top your streaming game. The above tips should help you.

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